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Análisis y Procesamiento de Datos/ Informatica - Prof. Albarenque - Prácticos

Description: Análisis y Procesamiento de Datos - Prof. Albarenque - Prácticos
Confirmation status: Confirmed
Room: A. del a Federación 105 - Gabinete computacion II
Start time: 14:00:00 - Thursday 23 May 2019
Duration: 4 hours
End time: 18:00:00 - Thursday 23 May 2019
Type: External
Created by: bedelia
Modified by: bedelia
Last updated: 15:59:35 - Friday 17 May 2019
Cañón: No
Parlante: No
Notebook: No
Micrófono: No
Tipo de clase:
Repeat type: Weekly
Repeat every: 1 week
Repeat day: Thursday
Repeat end date: Friday 22 November 2019
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